February 21, 2020

Hiring From The Philippines: The Not-So-PC Nitty Gritty with Guest Clint Muhlenberg from LEVEL

Is it ethical? Are you taking jobs away from Americans? How to get started? What is the culture like? We're answering the hard questions that we get asked a LOT in the transaction coordinating/real estate/real estate support/real estate admin world. We've asked Clint Muhlenberg to be our guest and give us the facts and nitty-gritty as he runs Level; a company that works 100% with talent from the Philippines and offers his honest advice, opinions and the details on if hiring from the Philippines is a right fit for your business growth. Dive in as Alicia, Jen and Clint tackle the good, bad and ugly on the topic of hiring talent from the Philippines.


GUEST: Clint Muhlenerg from LEVEL | asklevel.com | clint@asklevel.com 




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